Personal Resilience

Personal Resilience. What is it?

There is a  view of resilience being about hardiness, strength, being able to resist change. And there is a more holistic view about resilience embracing change, expecting change - and so it's about building flexibility, being able to learn, understanding one's capacity for change, anticipating the barriers to change.

The fundamentals about resilience that lifetimeswork has discovered, is that it's not just about bouncing back. There is an ever increasing level of resilience which incorporates the appropriate speed of bounce back, energy being recovered, learning,  and finally a deliberate application of this learning in other contexts. It can lead to a context-independent state of learning.

The lifetimeswork research coined the notion of 'The Resilience Engine' © to describe how leaders build and sustain their resilience:

Resilience Engine

This depicts a combination of doing and being; doing (or the fuel) where perspective, pacing and replenishment takes place; and being (the latent power pack) where there is an inner set of attitudes and beliefs, and a meaningful purpose for one’s life. Altogether it's a powerful guide in one's life.

I have discovered in my work in resilience that this Resilience Engine© is a invaluable window into an inner state of being which is the fully integrated state of resilience; this state captures the spiritual as well as rational and emotional. Applying the insights of the Resilience Engine© will build and sustain resilience, and most importantly, guide you to a point of understanding around this inner state.

To uncover more about The Resilience Engine, please read the summary article from the lifetimeswork 2009 research. If you would like to learn how lifetimeswork can support you in your personal, team or organisational resilience, please get in touch