Anne Archer

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Anne Archer

Anne is part of the lifetimeswork Team Resilience Research Programme.

Anne has a deep passion for getting diverse thining and ways of knowing valued in society and in the workplace. She lives this out in her life and practice and will not seek quick fixes and pat answers. Anne's Doctorate research on 'Being with Difference' is a journey exploring the leadership capacity to be with difference and create an environment that relishes innovation and raises more questions that answers about the nature and responsibility of organisations. She works across Europe enhancing leadership capability and bottom line results through increased resourfulness and resilience.

Anne's specialities are

  • Behavioural change - the process and implementation of making it happen and making it stick
  • Developing talent to achieve potential - challenging and expecting excellence
  • Leadership development - in particular supporting emerging leaders as they find their style and challenge their assumptions of what leader they choose to be.
  • Being with difference - strategies as an individual, in a team or organisation
  • Learning to lead and manage differences brilliantly

Anne qualifications include Master of Science (MSc), Management and Organisation Development at Roffey Park/ Uni Manchester.  She is a member of the Association for Coaching and has previously held the position of Assistant Faculty and Assessor with The Academy of Executive Coaching


Commercial Areas
Leaders and Emerging Leaders, LeadershipTeams. Leadership and Being With Difference
Coaching Levels
Up to and including Executive Level
Master of Science (MSc), Management and Organisation Development; PhD, The dilemmas of recognition and independence
In London area, operates across Europe
07956 555174