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NHS Nursing Director


 Rhoda is Nursing Director of NHS Orkney. The organization had been in flux for a number of years, with several different Chief Executives and indeed senior leaders, including a period where Rhoda was acting CEO. There had been so many changes to Rhoda’s role during this period of turbulence, and at the time of coaching, Rhoda had just settled back into her role of Nursing Director.

 The coaching contract was set up to support Rhoda in a scholarship for a Nursing Diploma. In this her desire was to reconnect with the foundations of good nursing care, whilst taking the latest thinking into her practice. She wanted all staff to reconnect with some of the fundamentals, getting back to high quality patient care as the focus.

 The commission for the coaching was, in Rhoda’s words:


  • to strengthen the boundaries of my own role
  • strengthen influence
  • reposition myself at Board level after years of covering a variety of 'bits' of other roles
  • get my own sense of worth back - or move on if identify cant do role

Coaching Approach

The coaching contract lasted a year, including early shaping of specific goals around Rhoda’s role in the organisation. Specific themes arose during the course of the contract, including influencing staff specifically and collectively, values & beliefs within which Rhoda was getting caught out, and her role as strategic leader in the organisation.

The work was very tangible throughout the contract, attached to specific scenarios that were planned for during the sessions. The coaching included both space for quality reflection, and for active discovery through the use of Gestalt and drama techniques.


I don’t know that I can articulate the value of my coaching in the manner it deserves such is the credence I attach to it. The ability for me to be challenged on my  thinking and long held management styles/personality traits  in such a way that it didn’t feel like a  personal 'attack' and put me on the defensive.


I emerged from my coaching a much stronger person with additional tools in my skills box to utilise in various situations. I am clearer; more confident in own abilities again; clearer presentation to Board; articulate the vision better. I am clear on my values and what I want for patients. I position myself differently in discussions.


I have defined a Strategy which sets out how we will take forward patient care across Nursing, Midwifery and AHPs in NHSO. I have pushed staff to deliver on agreed targets - rather than me completing for them. I am clearer in my feedback to folks - rather than continually trying to soften the blow (but still retain my values)


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