lifetimeswork coaches work deliberately across all sectors - corporate, entrepreneurial, public, and the social enteprise and third sectors - in order to ensure an open and enquiring mindset in all of our work. Variety and diversity ensure that we are fresh, and that we come with no fixed ideas of 'how things should work'. Our substantial experience shows up in the way we can enable clients to accelerate towards their goals.


We also bring our care for our clients and their organisations, our challenge, and our deep desire to create value into all of our work. We work in areas of leadership, transformation, growth, resilience and partnership working.


Watch for an overview of our coaching practice

Jenny Campbell, director of lifetimeswork, explains what coaching is, its benefits, what lifetimeswork stands for, and how Jenny herself coaches.


Breakthrough coaching

lifetimeswork believes that coaching is about enabling the client to learn. Learn about their own direction, their own resources and capability, and how to align these. lifetimeswork is proud to say that our values and our coaching styles enable clients to really accelerate in this work.  Clients find themselves really energised through the coaching work.  


We find that the work of coaching can be deeply thought provoking - and it can be fun!


lifetimeswork works in all domains of coaching, including  Individual Executive, Team, Group and Systems work:


For Individual  Executive Coaching, the work is framed using a 3 or 4 way contract where the coaching client and coach are commissioned by senior sponsors within the organisation. The contract is then scoped together with the client in a highly cro-created manner, pacing themes and work together to create the maximum impact. Coaching contracts vary from a short intense burst across a few weeks, to very long term senior management support across years. The coaching may include inputs such as 360 and shadowing.


Team Coaching is offered for Senior Teams, Executive Teams, Top Teams and Boards; sometimes it is applicable to project teams. lifetimeswork follows the Peter Hawkins' 5C' Model for team coaching. This covers commission, strategy, team dynamics, stakeholders, and importantly, enablement of the ongoing collective learning capability of the team. The work is supported using individual coaching. It can also include live coaching with stakeholders. The lifetimeswork experience of team coaching is that it offers the opportunity for strong alignment between the commission and purpose of the team, through to how it organises itself for delivery, through to significantly building long term leadership capacity.


Systems coaching is adopted when there is a broad strategic change required across the organisation. It involves team and group coaching, and individual coaching as support. The main commission of the systems coaching work is carried out be a governing board or sponsor, and is made transparent to all those involved. Specific coaching contracts are then created as and when required within the overall work. One of the key jobs of a systems coach is to enable learning across the whole system, which involves coaching the whole system at times throughout the contract. lifetimeswork has often been involved in systems coaching for transformational work across public sectors, and the work involved in 'wicked problems'.


Group coaching, for groups of two upwards, is where individual leaders of an organisation experience similar challenges, and would benefit from a specific, shared focus; in this participants experiene being coached by one another. It is also supported with individual coaching.


lifetimeswork Values

Coaching organisations are different than one another, and this shows up not just in experience and methods, but in the coaching philosophy that underpins the organisation. lifetimeswork believes that coaching is about enabling clients to learn and to resource themselves. We know that the development of professional coaching practices are vital for enabling this. And we know that we both care and challenge.

 Our other main value is around diversity and different ways of doing things. We are not all about one thing, in fact we seek to extend our perspectives and skills. The lifetimeswork associates, whilst being very experienced, are a diverse bunch. We love the vibrancy that this brings to our clients.


Real World Value

lifetimeswork is determined in all coaching contracts to deliver value for both the coaching client, whether individual, team or group, and for the sponsoring organisation. Essentally our commission is to enable the sweet spot of overlap between the clients' motivations and energy, with that of the organisational goal. This sweet spot is where value is unlocked.