4a Summary Personal Resilience and its links to Organisational Resilience

Jenny Campbell undertook a 2 year research programme, interviewing leaders across the public, corporate and entrepreneurial sectors, with support from 2 leading pyschologists. The research asked 'What is personal resilience, and how is a leader's resilience linked to that of their organisation.' This summary article describes the results, including the main concept of 'The Resilience Engine' ©. There are a few surprises including:

  • Resilience can be learnt

  • Resilience is not confidence

  • Includes a recovery of the 'energy' used to deal with the setback

  • Includes the (appropriate) speed of bounce back

  • Women's resilience seems to be lower, even though their ability to cope well in a crisis is clear.

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Further to this initial research, Jenny is now undertaking a new research programme, into team resilience. This is being carried out with a research consortium of other coaches and internal HR sponsors. If you are a coach or a client interested in this work, please click here to read more, or get in touch via email enquiries@lifetimeswork.com.