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Education School Amalgamations


Midlothian Council amalgmated several sets of schools during 2007-2008 in order to release capital and improve efficiencies. This meant bringing organisations together that had previously had their own leadership teams and autonomy, and who were now being asked to work together to create new, combined schools. In this they were asked to protect what had been excellent within each establishment, but change anything that had not been good. Whilst recognising the opportunity, leaders experienced tension and difficulty in knowing how best to approach the amalgamation.

lifetimeswork was asked to help during the planning stages of each amalgamation, to ensure a smooth transition and the establishment of the fundamentals of good team leadership in the new schools.

What we did:

Both team and group coaching were used; both of these include individual coaching. Each school adopted a different process involving their middle managers, but all schools used the support of the senior team coaching.


There were many individual and team results enabled by the coaching. Some of these include:


  • Increased self awareness and higher self confidence
  • Better sense of how to maintain individual energy during high pressure moments including better time management
  • Improved relationship building with parents and other stakeholders
  • More (and more)delegation
  • Clearer and better prioritisation
  • Clarity of roles and responsibilities
  • Faster decision making on strategic issues

I have not been able to achieve my outcome as yet but have plans in place and realise that I will be able to achieve it when the schools finally merge in one building. I have gained in self confidence and now find it much easier to ‘let go’. Much better at prioritising and have more confidence to make difficult decisions without need for support or feedback. More self aware and have reflected on how other staff may perceive me. As SMT(Senior Management Team), we have reflected on out management styles and how this impact on the whole school. This has raised awareness of what we need to change particularly being able to delegate to empower others.


Liz Barton, Head of Strathesk



I found the sessions very helpful. They made me much more self-aware, much more able to deal with problems that arose on a day to day basis. They helped me to understand the way I thought and dealt with things thus allowing me to be more in control of what was happening.


Glynis Richardson, Deputy Head of Strathesk

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