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Construction, Board coaching


 Ross is a Director in the family business Mactaggart & Mickel, a mid sized construction business whose core business is building homes. Ross runs the Timber Systems division, forging a new way of building houses and commercial property that match the quality of the Mactaggart & Mickel brand whilst using new materials, new techniques and new processes.

 Ross has become a new member of the Group Board. For the first time he is responsible for holding a governance position within the business, and helping navigate the success of the business from both a family shareholder perspective and business objectives. This means entering into a highly professional relationship with his father and other family representatives on the board.

 Ross is using coaching to support this transition.

Coaching Approach

This is a highly targeted coaching contract, with 4 sessions only, timed to align with Board meetings. Ross is a really fast learner in the middle of the coaching, and takes action immediately on what is being learnt in each session.

Subjects have ranged from clarity of his value into the board’s function; clarity of his right to sit as a fully fledged member of the board, and discussions about holding both the strategic governance and operational hats.

The coaching is still in process.

The coaching has allowed me to separate my operational role from my strategic role within the group board, and assisted in the management of the relationships between family members within the Group Board environment.  It has also allowed me to step back and look at my various roles from an outside prospective, aiding my transition to the Board.




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